Good analyses lead to correct results. Whichever way.

Environmental consulting is becoming increasingly important. Highly toxic substances in soil, contaminated ground water, asbestos in buildings. Who needs to clean it up and where can the waste go? Undesirable legacies from human activities often present major problems. The demand for consultants providing sound professional advice on environmental matters is growing.

Excavator on field, mound of earth, house in the background

A holistic consideration of a building involves evaluating and offsetting the risks and ensuring its future use.

The evaluation of environmental issues is also gaining in importance. This applies not only to risk assessment for property and buildings, and the cleaning up of abandoned industrial sites, but also to the operation of industrial plant and the necessary approvals.

GUBING GROUP International provides concise answers to the key questions of environmental management: Are there risks for my company / my building? And how can I recognise, minimise or offset these risks?

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Environmental evaluation of buildings.

It is not evident at first sight whether a piece of land used privately or for industry contains hazardous substances. In this case, we carry out the following:

  • Specialist consulting services before a property purchase
  • Creation of an environmental risk forecast, checking the risk if the building is commissioned and used; investment risk due to increased waste disposal costs. Summary of legal, economic and technical aspects.
  • Analysis of the circumstances with an evaluation of the environmental risks (recommendations)
  • Credit rating check

We want a win-win situation, in this context for man and the environment. We are working to achieve it.



Environmental management:

  • Waste management and disposal concepts, economic analyses
  • Investigations and evaluations of contaminated sites
  • Asbestos reports, asbestos cleanup planning
  • Mould removal
  • Hazard assessments, risk analyses
  • Valuations, reports, due diligence


Management of contaminated sites:

Where former industrial sites are to be put to new use, often with a higher value (surface recycling), the existing contamination must often be taken into account.

  • Investigation and evaluation of existing contamination
  • Risk assessment / report creation
  • Sanitation plans in accordance with German Soil Conservation and Contaminated Site Act (BBodSchV)
  • Sanitation of contaminated site -> precautions against dangers / legal obligations
  • Project management / supervision

The reports are created by an officially appointed and sworn expert on contaminated sites.


Approval planning

Approval in accordance with the German Federal Emissions Act (BImSchG) is often required for new buildings or expansions of industrial facilities.

  • Clarification of the authorisation situation / authorisation requirements
  • Clarification of the application documentation, communication with the authorities
  • Environmental impact test/ environmental impact studies
  • Assistance with the procedure through to authorisation


Additional services:

To round off the range of services:

  • Waste management and disposal concepts
  • Ecological studies
  • Construction site coordination (German Institution for Statutory Insurance and Prevention Rule BGR 128)

A holistic consideration of a building involves evaluating and offsetting the risks and ensuring its future use.

Black water with waste in a landscape of dried bushes and grass