We design your open spaces.

Our landscape architects operate confidently in the balance between user wishes, ecology and economy.Landscape architecture in our tightly-packed residential areas has no longer been an end in itself for a long time; it makes an important contribution to the achievement of quality of life in urban areas.

View of a park area with a grass, a stone path and walled archway

Construction drawing of a green space within a built-up area

The more urban our life becomes, the more important it is to have a balanced relationship between residential areas and designated open spaces. We develop urban open spaces, parks, gardens and squares.

The quality of life of a city is defined by how it allows you to recuperate, the housing quality, the cityscape and the quality of public open spaces. Good urban fabric is defined as a balance between construction usage and adequate open space – measured on the basis of the demands of the residents.

We offer the following individual services:

  • Reports for the conservation of animal species and nature
  • Plans for the management of landscape planning
  • Management of buildings and open-space areas
  • Planning of outside facilities
  • Environmental planning