What we build, you'll be pleased to show your grandchildren.

Architecture is more than enclosed space. Architecture is beauty, urban culture and art. But as the German writer Goethe already knew: only from craft you can make a work of art . And today the primary criteria of this maxim relate to rational planning, the utmost precision and, most of all, years of experience.

We are masters of our craft. GUBING GROUP International, with its corporate partners, provides all the architecture services necessary to carry out construction projects, regardless of whether it is a new building, a conversion or a renovation.

We offer the following individual specialist services:

  • Design, planning, implementation
  • Development and feasibility studies for urban design schemes
  • Master planning, plan testing
  • Inventory reports, valuations
  • Technical and environmental due diligence

We provide the best quality in all these areas. And is that not a form of art?

Interior view of a car park with glass roof and glass walls.

Interior courtyard of a multi-storey house with palm trees, chairs, tables and open-plan corridors.