We plan so that you feel comfortable.

Three quarters of the population in Germany live in urban areas. Town planning is required for people to live together in an environment that is suitable for them.

Construction drawing of a town area with terraced houses and detached houses

Section of a sheet of measurements with area usage highlighted

We combine town planning and issues of nature conservation and manage the process to obtain construction approval on your premises. Based on feasibility studies of the construction potential of land, through the urban planning draft and construction management planning to construction approval, we offer you all required steps for urban and landscape planning, taking the different legal and specialist requirements into account.

In addition to the content of the project work, we offer you project management and process execution, with the objective of implementing the projects in an agreed time frame as well as possible.

We offer the following individual services:

  • Planning of land use
  • Urban construction and urban development
  • Execution of processes
  • Mediation
  • Competition management