Links in the chain of success: our long-term partners.

When we talk about the success of GUBING GROUP International, we always include our partners. They contribute to our ability to be able to work quickly, flexibly and competently. This ensures customer satisfaction, something that is also imperative for our partners.

A selection of our network partners:

BauConsult Management GmbH


Bauconsult & Sachverständigen Büro Dr. Güttler


ISR Stadt + Raum GmbH & Co. KG


Vermessungsbüro Ralf Strehl


Ingenieurbüro Schöppler Noak Neger


Büro Grosser-Seeger – Stadtplaner +
Landschaftsarchitekt + Bauingenieur


Büro für Umwelt- und Geoservice Jürges


SEKER Ingenieure




Eckert + Honegger Architekten GmbH


Stiehm Ingenieurplanung GmbH


K+S Ingenieur-Consult GmbH & Co. KG


Ingenieurplan Siebel GmbH und Co. KG


Leinfelder Ingenieure GmbH


bresser, design – Print- und Webdesign






Are you also interested in working together with us?

Please contact us! We value synergy effects. Both sides benefit from a strong partnership, and the client ultimately benefits too.