Energy that is received well by everybody.

Increasing global warming and scarcity of fossil fuels mean much more of our energy will have to come from renewable sources. Wind and solar power projects cover two significant fields of renewable energy. We, the employees and partners of GUBING GROUP International, are taking on this challenge – with a great deal of energy.

Three-wing wind turbine in front of the sun with a blue sky

The power is in the wind: wind energy

We evaluate sites, carry out feasibility studies and plan the site for the wind energy equipment as well as other aspects such as cabling. As part of this service, we ensure that all necessary authorisations have been obtained and conduct the negotiations with the energy supply companies. Noise and shade forecasts as well as reports of the effects on wildlife are created by partners.

For a wind report, we make use of the expertise of recognised consultants. We naturally work on the basis of the authorisation steps implemented in Germany through to approval under the German Federal Emissions Act. Whilst carrying out this work, we cooperate with leading German technology manufacturers in order to generate the optimum yield for our customers.


Solar cells on a field with a sunflower in front of a blue sky

The power of the sun: solar energy

We evaluate sites, carry out feasibility studies and produce the site plans. We use our acknowledged expert partners to estimate the yield. With our respective partners, we work in many countries and also take on the supervision of construction on site.

From the necessary authorisation process through to the final authorisation, both for the ground-installed equipment itself and the connection to the grid. The independence of our network gives us the freedom to select the optimum module for each site. We provide the quality of our services by using standard, readily available modules, inverters and sub-construction manufacturers.