To reach the heights, we must first explore the depths.

Anyone who wishes to reach up high must ensure he has a firm base. The leaning tower of Pisa shows that the prettiest architecture and finest architectural achievements can go wrong without a precise knowledge of the foundation soils. And because the ground is the most varied as well as the most difficult construction material to work with, in addition to great care and years of experience, an enthusiasm for new challenges is also required.

Nine people on sandy ground with a truck and drilling equipment

Interior view of a tunnel with rails

We have this enthusiasm. GUBING GROUP International, with its corporate partners, provides all geotechnical services required for ensuring buildings have safe foundations. From the organisation and supervision of earthworks projects to special foundations and tunnel constructions. We offer the following individual services:

  • Soil mechanics and foundation work
  • Special foundations
  • Tunnel construction
  • Construction supervision and geotechnical consulting during construction
  • Ground investigations and foundation engineering consulting services