We test strengths and weaknesses with due diligence.

Due diligence: a quality analysis to minimise risks. Before purchasing or selling a property or a company, the item is put on the test bed. Is the price being asked appropriate? This comprehensive and careful examination is carried out as part of a due diligence audit. It can be instigated by the seller as proof of quality or by the purchaser for reassurance. Due diligence audits provide information on technical, environmental, financial, tax, legal and operational aspects. Potential legal and financial risks are covered in this way. Due diligence can thus avoid bad investments and subsequent disputes. They are a solid basis for making decisions related to property and company transactions.

The employees of GUBING GROUP International carry out technical and environmental due diligence tests for customers.


Technical due diligence audits generally
serve to

  • Examine and evaluate the state of construction materials including all external equipment and the building services,
  • Evaluate the energy efficiency of a building,
  • Check compliance with the requirements of the construction supervision authorities and the fire prevention regulations.

The substance of environmental due diligence audits is generally

  • Determine and evaluate existing or anticipated influences on the environment from a site,
  • If necessary, to identify existing hazardous substances in the environmental aspects of soil, water, air and construction materials,
  • Checking compliance with relevant environmental legislation and, if necessary, to point out existing shortcomings in relation to working safety.


The required investigations generally cover

  • Requests from the authorities, such as construction authorities, building authorities, environmental authorities,
  • Procurement and evaluation of documents, such as extracts from the contaminated land register, the land register, the building register, as-built drawings, aerial pictures, historical maps etc.,
  • Comprehensive visual inspection of the property and the surrounding area, processing checklists,
  • Newspaper surveys, employee surveys,
  • Checking relevant legal issues.



Interior view of a room with machine tools and pipes

The results of the due diligence audit are documented in writing. Dangers and potential costs are shown. Further measures, if required, are recommended.

Due diligence audits usually have to be carried out under considerable time pressure, i.e. without much notice and over a very short period of time. Here too, the network structure of GUBING GROUP International proves its worth as it immediately enables qualified employees to be deployed as required. In addition to the very high quality of a due diligence audit, absolute adherence to a schedule is the uppermost priority.

We carry out due diligence audits internationally in English, French and Spanish-speaking countries. Portuguese-speaking countries on request.

To date, GUBING GROUP International has investigated and evaluated the technical and environmental aspects of over 800 buildings and industrial facilities with a diverse range of uses and a total gross floor area of over 1.9 million m² – with due diligence, of course.

Ball-point pens on a sheet of paper with measured values illustrated graphically in the form of a curve